The Mantra Resort

The Manta Resort, Kigomasha, Micheweni District, North Pemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania – Show more hotels in Pemba Island

Location: Pemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania


Positioned in the northwest of Pemba Island, in a cloistered spot with lush green forests on one side, white sand beaches, and the colorful coral reefs of the Indian Ocean on the other. A group of like-minded people at the Mantra Resort came together in 2007, to build a tourism project, which brought this long-term vision, which they quickly realised wasn’t just about Mantra. But, empowering the people of Pemba to be part of the decision-making process by taking part in the Public-Private-Community-Partnership approach to managing natural resources and involving as many people as possible in our activities is a very big part of The Kwanini philosophy. This birthed The Kwanini Foundation, whose focus is primarily on Pemba, and what the island needs to continue to thrive as a natural, cultural island paradise. The Resort has been here for a long time changing hands over the years, there have been a few improvements that have brought up the standards. With a total of 18 rooms (seafront villas and garden rooms, underwater room).  The room types vary in size, location, and design – the seafront villas are much more spacious and are located closer to the ocean, and the garden rooms are set further back among the gardens. The floating house has an underwater room in the ocean and is located 250 meters offshore in a Blue Hole – an irregularity in the coral reef. Anchored in an ocean floor anomaly called ‘blue Hole’, this room tops almost anything. Encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of reef fish swim by in numbers and layers of different species. An awakening experience – this floating structure of Swedish engineering, provides three levels, above the water clad in local hardwood is a lounge, a bathroom below stargazing, sun tanning bed. Each one is worthy of its own story. The Manta Resort is open all year round but diving trips close for the seasonal rains around mid-April to early June each year. Guests at Resort stay on an ‘all-inclusive’ basis, inclusive of drinks and food, laundry, and one spa treatment at the Kipipeo Spa which is included in the rates. This Resort is accessible by air is One and a half hour drive along bumpy roads from Pemba airport.

Uniqueness of this Camp

  • Recommended stay of 3-night minimum stay.
  • A NEW Kwanini Foundation Community Conservation donation of $30 per person per night. A donation directly supporting the critical work done by our foundation and our community for the environment and the people of Pemba Island.
  • The Underwater Room.


4 different room categories namely: The Seafront Villa (6), The Superior Garden Rooms (4), and The Standard Garden Rooms (7) & Underwater Room (1). The underwater room: in 3 Levels TOP LEVEL 1: Up a set of wooden stairs is the top deck where a large daybed works by day for sunbathing and stargazing by night. LANDING LEVEL 2: The landing deck, at sea level, has a lounge area and bathroom facility: The landing deck is at sea level and features the lounge, a U-shaped sofa scattered with blue and cream cushions, a wooden table that acts as dining, where meals can be taken, and a great view of the sunset. The wooden cabinet with a well-stocked minibar. The bathroom features an eco-friendly marine toilet, a small sink, and a freshwater shower, preserving the delicate coral reef, shampoo, and chemical products are not allowed in the underwater room however biodegradable toiletries are provided, an open-air fresh water shower, a fully-functioning advanced marine toilet system that is eco-friendly, and a small hand-wash basin. LOWEST LEVEL 3: Accessible by a small staircase – 3 meters below a suspended bedroom offers 360-degree views through the glass into the ocean. Reasonably small room, big enough for a double bed. The room attracts different species of fish during the day and night. 6 Seafront Villas are spacious, airy, and bright, one side has a view of the beach, wooden shutters used at night, a large 4- poster bed draped in the mosquito net, and a coffee table. 3 villas have a large ‘baraza’ styled bed. 3 villas have an L –shaped sofa, wooden safe, free-standing fan, back open plan bathroom, shower, a double vanity sink, separate toilet, and a newly installed state-of-the-art noiseless evening breeze cooling system for a good night’s sleep. 4 Superior Garden Rooms (allocated in two pairs) with an interconnecting door between each pair. Feature a spacious and private open-plan design, with four-posted king-size beds, a large en-suite bathroom, private garden with an outside shower. Air Conditioning, a writing desk, wooden shelves, a free-standing fan, additionally, a large Swahili baraza lounge provide the perfect place to relax in the peacefulness of the garden. 8 Standard garden room: set at the back of the gardens, ceiling fan, baraza-style loungers, a four-poster king-sized bed, an open en-suite bathroom, an outside shower, and a small balcony that allows a shady spot to relax in the garden.


Hotel Amenities: The lounge – Wi-Fi service, play Bao or read a book, Elevated Terrace – where most meals are served, The Beach Bar – serves cocktails, The Beach & Pool area are optional venues for dining, Kipepeo Spa, Swimming pool.


Diving in Pemba Island at different dive sites, Excursions: – Visit the ancient Ngezi rainforest, spice farm, the Ngalawa cruise, use traditional sailing vessel by fishermen on the Island, cruise along the shoreline, over the reefs enjoying the sunset, Sandbank – 10-minute boat ride from the Resort, Deep Sea fishing on the 34ft sport fishing boat, Lighthouse Walk.