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Location: Choloe Bay, South of Mafia Island, Tanzania


Mafia Island Marine Park established as the first Marine Park in Tanzania, covers a surface of 821km2. The Name ‘Mafia’ is derived from the Arabic “morfiyeh”, meaning “group” or “archipelago”, or from the Swahili “mahali pa afya” meaning “a healthy dwelling place”. Its history goes back to the 8th century when it played a key role in the East African trading routes between Kilwa and Zanzibar. Mafia has so far escaped the invasion of mass tourism as the building has been restricted to a few tourist lodges. Here sit the exclusive eco-resorts in the world, set in the Chole Bay area, southeast of the Mafia Airstrip a 20-minute drive from the small airport at Kilidoni, which is a 30-minute – flight from Da res Salaam. This Eco-lodge was built to coordinate with its surrounding environment – cultural as well as natural, all materials and systems at the lodge are locally sourced to ensure minimal carbon footprint and provide guests with the most organic products. Embracing the local community, staff, and suppliers. The Seven Bungalow suites, perfectly blended with the surrounding tropical garden, overlook the infinite hues of blue of Chole Bay, the core of Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania. Renowned for its great cuisine, a combination of diverse culinary traditions and cultures, with an Italian-style touch of class. Where the Cuisine is Swahili dinners are served once a week or on request. Most of the food served is organically grown and bought on the island to help fishermen and farmers benefit from tourism development. Special dietary requirements are catered for including vegetarians, vegans, or gluten allergies. The atmosphere is laid-back, unpretentious, and warm but discrete hospitality, balancing luxury with respect for local culture and environment. With a lot of activities in view, makes this place perfect for after the safari. Everything is quiet here for exploring the underwater wonders of Mafia Island. Major activities available are scuba diving, snorkeling, beach, and offshore island excursions, the wildlife is varied from monkeys, small antelopes, wild pigs, bush babies as well as a small colony of elusive hippos. There are also countless types of birds over here are over 400 species of fish. On land, the rich vegetation is dominated by large palm groves, baobabs, mangroves, and fruit trees.

Uniqueness of this Hotel

  • One of the most exclusive eco-lodges in the world having won an Award for Best Hotel Africa 2022 and Traveler’s Choice 2021.
  • Renowned for its great cuisine, unpretentious and laid-back atmosphere, and warm but discrete hospitality
  • Malaika, the first Tanzanian woman in Mafia to train as a dive master.


Seven Bungalow Suites, overlooking Chole Bay in twins and doubles tastefully furnished with carved and antique pieces, furnished with a Zanzibari bed, chairs, table, and an armchair. Low environmental impact resort with a state-of-the-art Phyto-purification plant which is a special process of treating wastewater to prevent environmental pollution: Bungalow Suite: Ideal for Couples and Solo Travelers (1-2 pax), elegant, spacious, large private veranda. Asali Suite 6: Ideal for families or larger groups (4 pax max), elegant, spacious, with a double room and twin room separated by a corridor (Perfect for 2 adults and 2 kids), large private veranda, extra room furnished with a massage bed or 2nd Bedroom, which is separated from the bedroom by a bathroom and a short corridor. Asali Suite 7: Ideal for families or larger groups (4 pax max), larger in size than Suite 6, a double & Twin room separated by a corridor, perfect for 2 adults and 2 children. An extra room furnished with a massage bed can be converted into a second room, which is separated from the bedroom by a bathroom and a short corridor. Luxury Family Bungalow 8: ​ Ideal for families or larger groups (4 pax max), spacious suites with a private pool located on the beachfront, a double room, and a twin room separated by a corridor ideal for 2 adults and 2 kids, large private veranda furnished with a pool. Luxury Double Bungalow 9: Ideal for couples (2 pax max), spacious suites with a private pool located on the beachfront, large private verandahs furnished with a pool.


Hotel Amenities: The swimming pool is shaped by a series of circles and set in a beautiful locally-sourced coconut wood deck, a bar area, and a shaded seating area, Laundry, Pool, Room service, Wi-Fi only in the office, Parking, Restaurant, Spa, Dinner is on the beach, Not suitable for physically challenged guests.


Water Excursions: Scuba Diving – outside Shore Diving & Inside Bay, Whale Shark, Sunset Cruise, Snorkeling, Fisherman’s Island, Marimbani Sandbank, Mage Sandbank, Turtle Hatching, Dhow Sailing, Humpback Whales. Land Excursions: Chole Walk, Kua Ruins, Emerald Channel, Utende Village, Marimbani Sunset, Mlola Forest Walk, Ras Kisimani, Full Island Adventure, Light House.